“Happy Adoption Day!” is story from the words of John McCutcheon's song of the same name. This song/story discusses adoption and family life in a cheerful, celebratory way. McCutcheon, the lyricist and also a folk musician, has managed to create a song that may be sung by many families when they celebrate Adoption Day. I appreciate how McCutcheon has tailored the song to suit and engage children through the use of a rhyme scheme pattern and a repetitive chorus. Another thing I like about McCutcheon’s song is choosing to include a part about different types of parents (ex. “Some parents come different, some come the same, but whether they're single or pairs…”) I also appreciate the colorful and vivid images the illustrator, Julie Paschkis, painted to accompany the joyful song.

As a teacher, I would use this book to discuss adoptive families and how Adoption Day is a special day for adoptive families and children. I would also use the story/song to point out that despite any differences (ex. “No matter the name and no matter the age, no matter how you came to be, no matter the skin, we are all of us kin—“), everyone is considered one family. And depending on the age group, I could even ask students to point out rhyming words or to create their own song about a special day/event they celebrate using a rhyming pattern similar to that used by McCutcheon.