The Wild West- Six Authors With Six Shooters is a group of stories that show the range and diversity of the “Old West”.
Here are the stories and what you can expect:
Murray Pura – “The Painted Sky –Volume 1- Rio Oro”: A town of lost souls the desert wind was about to blow away. A church ready to close its doors. A preacher down on his luck and down on his faith. Five widows with nowhere to turn and no one to care. A ruthless cattle baron who wanted the town and its people gone, no matter what it took, so he could use the land for his vast herds. If God wanted to work a miracle anywhere New Mexico looked like a good place to start.
C.Q. Scafidi – “The Gourd of Ashes”: New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A, March 1865
Sherman Johnson was finally a “freedman” thanks to President Abraham Lincoln’s Ten Percent Plan.Waiting patiently since the Emancipation Proclamation freed many other slaves in the South, Sherman was eager to leave the city of his bondage and head West to join the Buffalo Soldiers in the Indian Wars. Leaving behind his sister and the benevolent house of his Haitian French benefactors who taught him to read and write English and French, he joined the Calvary at Jackson Barracks as soon as he could. His ancestors had taken refuge with the Native Americans in the Bayous of Louisiana over a century before yet, he was leaving to eradicate these same native peoples out in the desert to make room for the railroads and settlers. He loved the prestige of being in the finest infantry in the U.S. Cavalry, but he was conflicted about these “savages” he had been sent to kill. His sister always told him that Indian blood flowed through their veins. Nothing could prepare Sherman for his epiphany at the hands of the very people he was sent to kill and how a vision of his own future would change his life forever.
David Stearman – “Renaissance”: A man who has lost his memory must face a hostile wilderness alone, drawn toward his destiny by the recurring mental image of a long lost lover.
J.T. Lewis – Pepper & Longstreet – Volume 7 – The Apple Junction Payroll”: Walking through a wall had never been so easy, not with Jacob Longstreet pulling you through it! But where they ended up gave Pepper cause for concern…right smack in the middle of the Civil War!
Realizing she has been a witness to the payroll theft, there is just one minor problem…the theft happened before she landed in this time, and she has no idea who the army is looking for.
Working with Longstreet to recover the payroll, they both suddenly realize that they have been double-crossed, and that in reality the thieves are gunning for them!
Whit Howland – “The Cain Series – Volume One – Good Smoke and Whiskey”: Cain, an outlaw/bank robber is a man who is seeking redemption for his stormy and violent past. He wants to go someplace where no one has heard from him and start a new life. Unfortunately, crime is in his blood and he always manages to get caught up in one last shadowy scheme after another involving, cutthroats, conmen, and crafty double dealing saloon women.
Frank Roderus – “The Special Gift”: Two cowhands, left behind to do chores while the rest of the crew has a Christmas break, unexpectedly find the true meaning of Christmas.