OK, let me get this out of my system. This book answers the age-old question: Where does a two hundred fifty pound gorilla go? Answer: Whereever she wants to go for lunch! It's a really appealing book about food. Don't let this tasty treat slip past you. Ah, now I can continue...

Gladys Goes Out to Lunch by Derek Anderson tells the tale of a banana-loving gorilla who follows her nose on a trek to discover something to eat that smells delicious.

Anderson's bright, cartoony illustrations are rendered in acrylic paint. I love those bright green frog legs and the frozen mousse on the table. My favorite images are animal signpost, pizzeria, frog legs & mousse, girl with 6 dip cone, zookeeper vs. dog, and bread closeup.

The text mentions a number of tasty items including pizza's with pepperoni, pesto, and pineapple, frog legs, snails, mousse, and fifteen flavors of ice cream. The large font and humorous story makes this a strong choice for beginning readers. A banana bread recipe and funny anecdote appear at the back of the book.

Two bumbling zookeepers remind me a bit of the Keystone Kops. The children pictured on several pages sport perfectly appropriate stunned looks. Lots of funny added touches in the pictures, such as a funny animal signpost, and an uncooperative dog, make this a joy to read. It should be a hit at storytimes with large pictures and a text size easy to read. This could be paired with Good Night Gorilla. Gladys Goes Out to Lunch is highly recommended for school and public library collections.

For ages 5 to 8, zoos, foods, bananas, storytime, gorillas, hunger, smell, and fans of Derek Anderson.