I enjoyed reading "The Catcher's Mask" by Matt Christopher. I liked how Rudy was worried about Zero taking his place as catcher. He started doing bad in the baseball season but at the end of the book he was doing really well and winning the game for his team.

In the start of this book Rudy isn't doing well. The book starts in the beginning of the season. Then his coach gives him a Yogi Barret face mask. This gives Rudy the courage to do better. For the next three games he does really good. Then on the last game Rudy knows what the team is doing so right when the batter squares to bunt Rudy yells "Bunt!" Then his whole team runs for the ball. Rudy picks up the ball and tags the guy that was running home. He then throws the ball to second base, and the second baseman throws the ball to first base and gets a triple play. This wins the game for the team.

I would recommend "Catcher's Mask" to fifth and up. I say this because I feel that kids this age could really relate to Rudy and all the challenges he faces in this book. If a 30 year old man read this book I don’t think he would have enjoyed it as much.