Molly's probably my favorite heroine of my recent Krentz binge. She's tough and insightful and courageous and able to strike that balance between helping somebody and trying to take over their life.

I'm not as sanguine about Harry. Oh, I liked his personality a lot. He's single minded and determined and obsessively rational, but also kind and deeply committed to helping other people, even when he gets nothing in return. Indeed, it's only through Molly's intervention that the people around him realize how much they have come to rely on his steadying influence in their families and fortunes. He is that greatest of all treats: the humble alpha.

So what's the problem? Well, Krentz stuffs this novel full of paranormal mumbo-jumbo centered around Harry. I really didn't care for all the woowoo larded onto the story. Yeah, the story rather depends on it and she wove it deeply into his character, but that's exactly the problem—mainly because I didn't find it interesting. Something that central to both the plot and the main characters should be more interesting or innovative or ... something. I liked Molly's handling of his idiosyncrasies, but that was the only real upside to that aspect of the novel.

So I wavered on the four stars because of the woowoo. In the end, I decided to keep it if only because all the rest of the novel was so fantastic.

A note about Steamy: One reason I came to dislike the woowoo is that it intruded most in the sex scenes—making them both shorter and less satisfying than they should have been. The result is a lower steam level, and not in a good way...