At fourteen, Jamie Gordon took some photos of a famous model’s embarrassing moment and sold them to a tabloid, which led to her own first taste of fame. Now sixteen and a professional paparazzo, she’s in LA to document a week in the life of starlet Willow Twine. Jamie feels as if she and Willow are friends, and she considers staying in California to focus her energy on becoming the “Annie Leibovitz of the LA young actor scene.”

But her boyfriend, Nasim, back home is a complicating factor, and so is the mysterious lack of communication from Avy, a close friend and aspiring actor who ran away to LA eight months earlier. A mystery and moral dilemma ensues when Jamie discovers six photos on her camera that could ruin Willow’s career. Jamie knows selling the photos would make her a fortune and send her own to new heights.

But how did those photos get there? And what should she do with them?