this book has won many awards it's time such as7 American Inhouse Graphic Design Award, Children's Book Committee & Bank Street College of Education, and in 2008 The Best Children's Books of the Year. how could this book not win an award when it's telling a story about one of the most greatest woman ever to be alive. this book was created for an age range offive to nine years of age. just spoke talks about the incredible journey Harriet Tubman took to be a free woman. the amazing part comes in why she not only decided to free herself so she decided to go back and free the lives of others from slavery. I would definitely recommend this book to be read aloud to children so they can get a glimpse of history. Harriet Tubman is a role model and example we could all follow. I believe this book would be a great book to have and to be read out loud specially during Black History Month. I gave this book is 5 out of 5 because I thought it was great and it explained Harriet Tubman's journey anyway children could understand.