We've never read any Corduroy books, so I'm not sure how this compares with them.

As far as being a nice book to read to a young child around the Christmas season, I thought this was pretty good.My 3-yr-old enjoyed seeing the bear decorate the tree, wrap presents, decorate gingerbread houses, baking cookies, and go Christmas caroling.

The main plot is that the bear writes a letter to Santa asking for 4 presents.Then he finds out each of his 4 friends are wishing for 1 of the things on his list.He feels selfish and worries there won't be enough presents for everyone, so he edits his letter and asks for each of the presents to go to each of his friends... and tells Santa he wants nothing for himself.It's sweet!No religion mentioned in the book.

I may have read it too early in December, as my 3-yr-old has been insistent that he wants nothing for Christmas.He's suggested we could wrap up his tricycle that he got last year for Christmas and put that under the tree - because he was so happy last year to get it.:)