This is the first volume in the Day and the Hour series of novels portraying the last week of the church on earth. While it is set in the future, it tells the old story of the acts of God rooted in the documents preserved by the ancient Hebrews-the story that ascended from the hills of Judea and spread throughout the world; the story that has been told and retold in countless forms, each one a fruit of the same immortal stem.

Though the root is as old as Adam, it continues to bear new kinds of fruit such as this unusual blend of fact and fancy joined into a piece that spans the ages. Lynn Andrew brings new life to an old tale of enigmatic love, a tale that proves to be a seed of the ancient root.

It is possible that you will savor here what seemed tasteless or overripe in other renderings of the story of the ages, for there are many ways to "taste and see that the Lord is good."