90IN THE SHADE. It is the custom of Hector Pomadour to invite his friends to his home on Sunday for lunch and skittles. On this occasion, one of them has run into another gentleman on his way and has invited him to join the group. Hector is delighted, as Adolphe Dumanoir seems to be a man worthy of cultivation, at least, that is, until he is caught hugging and kissing Hector's wife. This, of course, calls for satisfaction, and despite the summer heat a duel is decided upon after Hector has been assured by his friends that the guilty party would never think of defending himself against the injured husband. When Dumanoir makes it clear that he has no intention of being so foolishly gallant the picture changes, and while Hector and the others huddle to discuss strategy Madame Pomadour and Dumanoir hatch a little plot of their own. He agrees to let Hector off with a scratch, provided that Madame P. gives him another kiss. This she does, only to be discovered again and the outrage is aggravated. But Gallic ingenuity comes to the fore, honor is satisfied, and all ends in a spirit of jovial camaraderie. (4 men, 2 women.) DUST IN YOUR EYES. Dr. and Madame Malingear are perfectly satisfied with their pleasant, uneventful existence until it comes to their ears that their daughter, Emily, is seriously interested in a young man who has been an increasingly frequent caller. When confronted with a demand as to what his intentions might be the young man, Frederick, confesses his love. He also announces that his father is a retired businessman "of sufficient fortune." The Malingears are pleased but, at the same time, apprehensive that Frederick's family might find them not of an equal social orfinancial standing. When they learn that Monsieur and Madame Ratinois (the parents) plan to visit them incognito the Malingears decide to throw "dust in their eyes" with a vengeance. And so they do with lavish extravagances they can't afford. Monsieur and Madame Ratinois respond in kind, and soon both families are near bankruptcy. Fortunately a kindly, level-headed uncle saves the day, and brings the lovers happily together at last. (6 men, 6 women, 1 boy.)"