Uğur Mumcu was an intrepid Turkish Kemalist intellectual, investigative journalist and columnist for the leading Kemalist broadsheet, Cumhuriyet who was known for indicating that Kemalism and Socialism aren't different ideologies and that imperialist nations had corrupted the Turkish state and army. He was killed by a bomb placed in his car, outside his home.
Uğur Mumcu was born as the third of four siblings in Kırşehir, where his father was working. He went to school in Ankara and in 1961 attended School of Law at Ankara University. After graduation in 1965, he practiced law for a while. He then visited England to learn English and upon his return to Turkey worked as a teaching assistant at Ankara University from 1969 to 1972.

On the morning of 24 January 1993, he left his home and was killed by a C-4 plastic bomb as he started his car; a Renault 12, license numbered 06 YR 245.[10]

There are numerous hypotheses over who was responsible for his murder.