Given that this is rather an old book, it is surprising how some of the ideas mentioned in it are still relevant up to this very day. I guess it must have been one of the more innovative books of its time, minus the snazzy graphics and colourful images that seems to be the order of the day nowadays. Nonetheless, the book could do with a little bit more updates in certain aspects especially in detailing some techniques and ideas to its readers. But of course it doesn't help that a visual person like me will find the book a little too long-winded, but taking all that notion, it is actually quite a good reference book. But personally I would prefer it to be updated with the current trends in innovation and creativity, and perhaps putting in more examples towards how some of these things can be applied in real-life problem solving, lest it becomes just a mere academic bible towards the methods of being creative and innovative, without the essence of HOW to apply it.