Create your own custom Visual Basic programs fast for Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT with the power and friendly object-oriented interface of Microsoft's Visual Basic 6 with Visual Basic 6 For Dummies.
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* Understand the art of object-oriented programming in Visual Basic
* Build attractive user interfaces with buttons, boxes, and scroll bars
* Master menus and submenus — plus expanding, pull-down, and pop-up menus — quickly and easily
* Discover how to write subprograms that everyone can share
* Save and retrieve information in databases like Microsoft Access
* Integrate your own special ActiveX controls into applications
From the fundamentals of writing BASIC code to the thrill of distributing your very own custom applications, programming expert Wallace Wang brings a fresh and humorous perspective to the world of Visual Basic in terms everyone can understand. Plus, the bonus CD-ROM that comes with Visual Basic 6 For Dummies includes all the source code and examples from the book, along with demo or trial versions of some cool VB and ActiveX programs.