What happens when fictional detective, Katie Shields, not only takes psychic possession of her author, but also starts to treat her creator as a suspect in a crime?

Novelist Beth Shepherd, 49, is past deadline with her New York publisher; her twenty-one year old son is pushing her away and re-uniting with his dead-beat father. Already twice divorced, Beth isn't optimistic about her relationship future.

Beth's Book tells the story of a successful, mid-list crime novelist, Beth Shepherd, suffering not from writer’s block . . . but writer’s collapse.

In addition, Beth’s drug-addicted youngest sibling, Stephen, crashes at her doorstep in order to reconcile with her. In this, she has no interest.

After a contractual showdown with her agent and publisher in New York, every door of Beth’s life is slamming shut. And her detective, Katie Shields, is on a mission to solve the greatest crime of her career—not in fiction, but in her author's life.