Breast Problems - Woman to Woman with Margaret Miles

Like so many other problems that are specific to women, breast problems are rarely talked about. However, there are a wide variety of benign breast problems that can affect women of any age. And, of course, there are some breast problems that are more serious.

This book doesn't claim to cover the entire list of things that can go wrong with a woman's breasts, but I have tried to look, in plain English and from a real-life perspective, at the most common.

Your Breasts are Constantly Changing

Unfortunately women's bodies are very much at the mercy of our hormones, in particular oestrogen. It plays havoc with our emotions, skin and body changes from puberty right through to well past the menopause.

Many of the problems associated with our breasts are caused by our bodies getting ready for having children - but whether you actually do go through childbirth or not your breasts will go through many changes over your life time. It is inevitable that many of us will suffer from one form of breast problem or another. The good news is that most breast-related complaints are quite easily dealt with.

What is Covered?

Breast Problems is a 20,000-word ebook. In print, that equates to about 50 pages. It is not a medical textbook - although I don't shy away from using the correct medical terminology where needed - rather a summary of my own experiences and research about problems suffered by my friends and family. The aim is to educate and inform - not to diagnose and treat. While no substitute for a medical professional if you have a breast problem, this book will hopefully help you understand what your doctors tell you and to have more knowledge about the mechanics of our complex bodies.

Chapters include:

* Breasts: Introduction

* Breast Composition and the Development of the Breast Throughout Puberty to Past Menopause

* Being Breast Aware: How to Check Your Breasts

* The Most Likely Causes of Breast Pain and How to Treat Them

* What Changes Can You Expect in Your Breasts During Pregnancy?

* What Mothers Should Know About Breastfeeding

* Facts That Every Woman Should Know About Mastitis

* Nipple Discharge: What Causes It and How It is Treated

* What Are Inverted Nipples and How Are They Treated?

* Breast Calcifications

* What You Should Know About Benign Breast Cysts

* Understanding Fibrocystic Disease and How It is Treated

* How Menopause Affects Your Breasts

* Breast Cancer: Different Types, Diagnosis and Available Treatments

Breast Cancer

In Breast Problems I talk about my own experiences with different breast complaints over the years, including my own brush with cancer. Yes, any problems with your breasts are scary, and the fear of breast cancer is one of the most frightening but knowledge is critical to getting the right treatment.

Breast Problems - Summary

By demystifying many common breast complaints for you I hope that you'll be empowered to visit your medical professional when you need and to be able to ask the right questions.