Combining clear author commentary with essential extracts from legislation and cases, Complete Land Law offers a comprehensive yet student-focused guide to the subject. A wide range of extracts are included, providing convenient and reliable access to all the materials you will need throughout your course.
Chapter summaries and review questions help test your knowledge as you move through the topics, while thinking points and essay questions develop your critical awareness of key land law issues and provide essential preparation for exams.
Both experienced lecturers, the authors address areas of difficulty with clarity. Examples and diagrams are included throughout the text to illustrate difficult but fundamental concepts and case law and provide an overview of complex processes. These scenarios demonstrate how abstract land law concepts apply in practice, helping to complete your understanding and develop your own problem-solving skills ready for exams.
Complete Land Law is also accompanied by an Online Resource Centre which includes:
* outline answers to the questions in the book, allowing you to check your understanding ahead of exams and assessment
* an interactive glossary to demystify land law jargon and support revision
* further reading and weblinks to support independent research and essay preparation
* updates from the authors to keep you up-to-date with new cases and developments in land law
For lecturers the Online Resource Centre also includes electronic versions of the figures from the book for use in handouts and lectures and a testbank of multiple choice questions ready for use in class-testing and assessments.