Although medication should always be a last resort, many people on the autism spectrum claim that medication has improved their lives significantly. But how can a parent decide which meds to choose or which to stay away from? Written by a doctor and father to a child with autism, this book provides the answers that parents and non-medical professionals need. Dr. Luke Tsai explains what medication therapy is, and gives you the knowledge to make informed choices. Learn what different medications do in the body, their side effects, and how to properly assess the results. An extremely helpful appendix provides sample medical forms, diagnostic tools, and a detailed glossary that you will refer to time and time again. Helpful chapters include:
The Autism Spectrum Your Right to Make Informed Decisions About Medication Therapy Pre-Medication Treatment Assessment General Principles of Medication Therapy Monitoring Medication Therapy Monitoring Side Effects Development of New Medications Psychotherapeutic Medications Generic Drugs Selecting Medications for Neuropsychiatric Disorders