Every single person sees the world in a different way.I learned that lesson early on.One of my brothers is color blind, which fascinated me to no end as a child. I bugged, hassled, and quizzed him every chance I got—What color is that?And that?What about this? Haha….He refuses to answer any color related questions to this day because of me.:)

The Noisy Paint Box: The Colors and Sounds of Kandinsky's Abstract Art tells the story of how Vasya Kandinsky saw the world and how abstract art came to be.Russian artist, Vasya Kandinsky could hear colors hum and play like the beat of an orchestra.Colors hissed, banged, and clashed in the air around him. With passion and power, he created that sound on canvas with paints, patterns, shapes and swirls.

“He brushed a powerful navy rectangle that vibrated deeply like the lowest cello strings.He tossed up jagged swashes of blaring crimson and added cheerful dots of burbling green, clanging orange, and tinkling violet.Vasya painted and painted until the colors went quiet.”

The illustrations and colors feel so alive in this book!The words and pages hold the magic and movement of paint strokes. Words swish, move and dance across the page!Perfect words like—stomp, twirl and trill.I loved every word, color and sound.Ms. Rosenstock and Ms. Grandpre made me feel the power and wonder of the art.

This beautiful book will inspire readers to learn more about Vasya Kandinsky and abstract art.But it also encourages readers of all ages to put their vision down on paper with words or colors.Even if some people can’t see or understand your vision—others will. Put it out there!Express yourself the way only you can.Go paint, draw, write, or scribble!

We all see and hear the world in our own way and that’s what makes each and every day an adventure.A beautiful adventure.

A biography, journey, and joy to read!Highly recommended.