alternate cover edition of ISBN: 9780933294066

Half the U.S. population (140 million Americans) have an adoption in their immediate family. There is an estimated seven million, or one-third of the Canadian population, involved in the triad of adoption. The thread of this book is adoption through which the fascinating twists of Clarke's life are woven: divorce, "dropping out," living in the wilderness, overcoming cancer, estrangement of her children, and finding a soul mate. "Black Market Baby" chronicles the life journey and search for birth parents, evolving into an epic tale of illegitimate babies sold illegally through adoption rings operating in Montreal, Quebec, and the northeast United States during the 30s, 40s and early 50s. This intriguing account is told against a backdrop of historical events from 1940 to the present day. "Renee Clarke writes of her solace found in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, her deep and abiding love for three daughters and her lengthy, life-changing search for her natural mother ... the roots she never knew. In the course of doing so, she pens a totally frank and remarkably detailed journey of life." - Jane Sullivan, former First Lady of Wyoming "Renee Clark has transformed a personal story into a universal one." - Adoptee "This is a rewarding book for anyone who has ever wondered what it is like to be adopted - and for those who are." - B.J. Lifton, author of Journey of the Adopted Self, Twice Born and Lost and Found."