Infographics convey complex information using visual representations and small chunks of text. This title, part of a new series using infographics to explore high-interest science topics, focuses on the causes and consequences of volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. Beginning with a brief explanation of plate tectonics, Higgins shows how the movement of the Earth’s crust triggers each of these natural disasters. Higgins breaks the text into brief chunks, effectively using section headings to direct the reader’s attention. The bright, bold graphics help readers understand the geological concepts discussed. For example, the four types of volcanoes are clearly illustrated to show the different ways magma and lava flow to the Earth’s surface. The concepts build as the book progresses, providing a fuller picture than just a collection of infographics. Higgins draws readers in speaking directly to them: “You could have a front-row seat for some of Earth’s most exciting and terrifying events. As much as they scare us, natural disasters also mesmerize us.” (p. 5) While the text is too wordy in places, trying to convey more concepts than simple infographics can handle, the high interest topic and bright graphics will entice readers.