A unique, personal time capsule to keep for your whole life, you are the author of this guided journal.

The Secrets of My Life will reveal clues about your personality, identity and your future, and help remind you what it's like to be you today. Sound off on these pages and let this silent companion guide you through this changing time in your life with totally down-to-earth tips and advice. Record your life's story by answering thought-provoking and important questions about:
* Where you come from and how you're similar and different to your family
* Your childhood likes and dislikes
* Who your best friends are and have been
* Your favorite things about school, and stuff you don't like so much
* What's going on with your body
* Who you've got the hots for
* What you want to be when you grow up and how you might get there
* What you think about yourself

The best part is you can always go back and read what you've written, see what you've experienced and felt and be amazed at just how much you are changing from a little kid into a young woman.