Papers included in this volume of Anglo-Saxon Studies are:"Anglo-Saxon Pagan Shrines and their Prototypes" by John Blair; "Pagan English Sanctuaries, Place-Names and Hundred Meeting-Places" by Audrey Meaney; "The Alderwerke and Minster at Shelford, Cambridgeshire" by Cyril Hart; "Literacy in Anglo-Saxon England: the Evidence from Inscriptions" by Elisabeth Okasha; "The North-West Mercian burhs: a Reappraisal" by David Griffiths; "Metal-Detector Finds and Fieldwork on Anglo-Saxon Sites in Suffolk" by John Newman; "Where are the Anglo-Saxons in the Gododdin Poem?" by Criag Cressford; "Entrances to Sunken-floored Structures in Anglo-Saxon Times" by Philip H. Dixon; "Re-interpreting Mucking: Countering the Black Legend" by Paul M. Barford; and "From Artefact to Interpretation using Correspondance Analysis" by Karen Hiilund Nielson.