"I didn't mean to!"

That's all Chris, who stumbled into his friends' house drunk and disheveled, would say. "I didn't mean to!"

Didn't mean to what? That question becomes more than curiosity to Helen and Donald Mitchell when the police come calling to report a woman was murdered the night before after quarreling with Donald and leaving with Chris.

This first of Jill McGown's Lloyd and Hill mysteries was published in 1983. It has a clever twist, but I figured out who did the murder and how it was done fairly early on. The detectives go about solving the murder in a leisurely fashion and there is little violence or suspense (both negatives for me) to detract from the intellectual puzzle.

What makes A Perfect Match different is the beauty of the language. McGown writes lyrically.She ends each chapter from the point of view of the wildlife who have seen things but of course aren't talking about it.

I plan to request the next book in the series on ILL when I go to the library tomorrow.