The Gospel of Mark, an action-packed, fast-moving account of the life of Jesus. is geared to the Gentile mind of a Roman and presents Jesus as the Son of God who gave his life as a ransom for many. The shortest and earliest gospel, Mark was written from Rome, where, according to tradition, the author wrote down the words Peter preached.

This commentary is written by I. Howard Marshall, who has been described as “an outstanding scholar and gifted teacher,” and “a voice of thoroughness, fairness, and moderation in biblical studies.”

The Open Your Bible Commentary was written to encourage daily Bible study. Each reading is short, but the content is rich with careful explanation, devotional warmth, and practical relevance. More than 60 daily readings let you explore the Gospel of Mark in depth.

The Open Your Bible Commentary has four great strengths:

* Accessible – it’s written for the average, thoughtful Christian without assuming a great deal of background, yet it is never superficial.
* Digestible – it’s written so you can read a section or two a day, working your way through an entire book of the Bible in days or weeks.
* Dependable – it’s written by an amazing group of scholars and trusted pastor-teachers.
* Practical – it’s a rich combination of specific application and encouragement to listen to God for guidance.

The commentary on Mark is introduced by an overview, summary, outline, key themes, and relevance of this gospel for today.