"With all due respect, Stephen King's Doctor Sleep is not the season's most frightening book. That distinction belongs to Gosnell's Babies." — Alexander Nazaryan, The Atlantic Wire

"Very well written ... A must-read for anybody who followed this case." — Jake Tapper, CNN

In this chilling tale set against the backdrop of one of the most controversial issues of our times, award-winning journalist Steve Volk tells the decades-long saga of Kermit Gosnell — the abortion doctor whose clinic in a poor section of Philadelphia was revealed to be a house of horrors.

Volk — the only journalist to speak to Gosnell since his conviction and imprisonment — brings the eccentric doctor to life, detailing his past in the early days of the abortion-rights movement and getting him to reveal, for the first time ever, why he did what he did. Was Gosnell a monster, or something else?

Volk's powerful storytelling gives us a definitive understanding of a complex character, a horrific case, and a divisive issue.