Dubbed the Alphabet Assassin by the press, because of the gruesome manner in which he marked his victims; the illusive killer soon became the object of a massive manhunt.

The victims at first were all thought to be unrelated and disconnected while the acts of murder, those of a deranged psychopathic serial killer ... that is until Castillo begins to fit the pieces together. It then became clear to Castillo that the victims all seemed to have some connection to the Chandler bank and the mortgage investment scandal that was crippling the nation. The murdered victims, who included his cousin, were associated bankers, investors, stockholders, and employees of the bank. Then during a routine review of the bank’s operations, he discovers a massive fraud. His relentless inquiries and persistent questioning ultimately lead him to unearth many more mysterious and unsolved murders; some committed to hide the original crimes of fraud, others of a more personal nature, involving the oldest of motives ... revenge, while still others, those that could only be attributable to the unexplained insane compulsions of a serial killer.