Will be Most Enjoyed by Kids Ages 4-to-6. :)

As a child, did you ever observe a bully picking on a friend?

Did you find yourself paralyzed with fear or uncertainty?

What did you do?


Discover How Dylan Drake Dealt With a Scary Bully, Even When He Was Terrified!

You'll see how Dylan Drake was able to overcome his dismay and fear,
by standing up for his best friend, "Unicorn-on-the-cob".

Your own Brave Little Hero at home will love this "root for the underdog" story of:

Bravery without Violence,

Courage without Compromise, and

Friendship that knows no bounds.

After you get "That Dragon Stole My Horse", you'll be well on your way to easily discussing bullying, friendship, courage, and self-esteem with your little one.


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