What at first seemed impossible is shown by this book to actually be impossible, just like you thought it was. Everywhere there appears to be a possibility of sending messages faster than light, the laws of the universe step in to make certain such a thing will not happen. Sending such superluminal messages would necessarily, according to special relativity, also allow sending messages into the past, and the universe, apparently, doesn't like that idea and has strictly prohibited it. Time travel is also on the universe's list of no-nos, and from as much as I can gather, we will never veto these rules. But without the development of an ansible, I'm afraid, we are forever limited to buzzing around the earth, probably never venturing farther than the asteroid belt. Sorry.

It was a very interesting book, though! The author, more optimistic than I, still holds out hope for breaking communications through the light barrier. Maybe I can pre-order my ansible on Amazon.