Drake Dramco’s father is head of thermodynamics in Dragonland and has invented a shield called a force field to protect the dragonfolk from the terrifying Quintas. Drake thinks his father is a superhero even though his father is too busy to spend time with his family. When Drake’s father is kidnapped, Drake, Juniper, and Ronan—another dragonboy who is tougher than Drake—literally fly into an adventure in their quest to find him. He has been taken to a city across the wasteland through the force field. After exhaustive preparations, the young dragonfolk set out into the unknown. The precarious journey, their experience with the Quintas, the relationships of the adventurers, and the unraveling of the mystery will keep young readers enthralled. The young friends discover the real facts about the force field and Drake’s father. Drake, not his dad, is the real superhero. (Written for 8 to 12 year olds.)

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