A clear and informative guide to gardening skills and techniques with step-by-step illustrations and easy-to-follow advice from the experts at the Royal Horticultural Society. Reflecting modern best-practice, this definative guide explains all the essential techniques you're ever likely to need.

"The RHS New Encyclopedia of Gardening Techniques" is a clear and informative guide explaining all the essential techniques you are ever likely to need.

It reflects our modern best-practice gardening here at the Royal Horticultural Society.

All techniques are shown clearly and simply with step-by-step instructions for every gardener to follow.

It contains more than 2000 clear and concise colour illustrations supported by over 1000 beautiful colour photos.

This book includes steps for planning, pruning, propagating, feeding and watering; covers all plants including trees, flowers, shrubs, climbers, lawns, vegetables, fruit and herbs.

It shows how to create water features and patios, add lighting; and, includes organic techniques, recycling and how to treat pests and diseases.

There are also chapters on container gardening, gardening under glass, garden tools and equipment, and everyday garden maintenance, as well as on landscaping and construction work.

The wealth of practical information makes this book an essential purchase for both professional and amateur gardeners.