Jeanette LaFleur, newly graduated and qualified as an ophthalmic technologist, starts her dream job as Clinical Coordinator for the Epi Project. When she discovers irregularities in record keeping for the project, she chalks it up to her predecessors' lack of organization and sets about fixing the problems. But when she finds that records are missing or maybe never even existed, she takes her concerns to her boss, Dr. Byron Rutherford, the charismatic head of the project and a nationally renowned corneal specialist. While he expresses his concern, he assures her that it must all be a matter of poor record keeping and gives her carte blanche to fix the problems.Except the problems aren't easily fixed. As she digs deeper with the help of her current boyfriend, lawyer Charles Carter, and her deceased husband's best friend, Dr. Scott Fontenot, she becomes convinced that the project is a front for illegal activities. Medical negligence, fraud, and money laundering are just the tip of the iceberg. It is when the trio discovers that illegal body parts, and not just the corneas needed for the Epi Project, are being brokered through a corporation owned by Dr. Rutherford and a South American doctor that murder raises its ugly head.Now Jeanette is running for her life, as Scott endangers his by traveling to Brazil to find enough evidence to convict the highly esteemed Rutherford. From the corrupt streets of New Orleans to the steamy plains and jungles of Brazil, Blind-Sided twists and turns as torturously as the snakes that swim the bayous of Louisiana.