The Secret of Self-Expression - Book 8 of the Live Successfully Course
This book reveals the secrets of one of the most important accomplishments in everyday life - the Art of Self-Expression - how to keep up to date with your years - how to act to achieve ambitions - how to choose the right hobby most suited to your character - how to say what you mean effectively in speech or writing. In this book, the great help of the previous sections - the way they can mould and develop and improve - will become more apparent to you.
We used to say "the pen is mightier than the sword", but modern communication has made the spoken word just as mighty. What one person says today may change the life of millions!

Everyone has this power of self-expression in some degree. But in these pages you'll discover how to master self-expression in conversation and in writing so that your words and ideas carry the weight and influence that every successful person desires.

Inside The Secret of Self-Expression, you'll discover:
Sharpen your ability to think, speak and write with more power and punch!
An essential skill to your success
The power of the written word
How to start people talking
A simple trick that makes you appear more intelligent than you really are!
How to tell a story
How does your voice sound?
The art of letter writing

The 12-Part Success Plan That's Been Kept Secret For 80 Years!

Edward Williams, editor of a national newspaper in London, England, assembled a team of "success" experts in a secret meeting. They were called in by the newspaper to help create a unique book that would help ordinary people achieve levels of success they could never normally dream of. The carefully selected team was made up of top professionals who had already achieved above-average success in their own lives and included doctors, psychologists, writers, scientists, teachers, and business leaders.

The project evolved in to a 12-part course, each lesson became a complete book in its own right revealing practical principles and strategies in a focused area of success development. Together, the 12 books form one of the most comprehensive resources and success plans ever created. With the help of the newspaper who started the project, the course was released to the public and became a great success proving powerful to hundreds of thousands of people in a time when the rest of the world was suffering in an economic depression. The project was called "Live Successfully" and has remained a secret ever since.

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Book 6 - Successful Relationships
Book 7 - How To Make Friends and Be Persuasive
Book 8 - The Secret of Self Expression
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