A great follow-up to the first story. Jason now has a solid crew to depend on as they travel about the galaxy helping people in need. The only problem they have is a lack of funds. A solution presents itself fairly quickly when they're approached to find out why civilian ships are being attacked in a particular system. Action and adventure ensues along with moments of humour. In this story we get to know the characters who we were only briefly introduced to in the first story. As others have noted, its the humour and banter between the crew which really lights upn his story, it makes them more relatable and gives you little glimpses of their characters. The action is fast paced, sometimes frantic, but never dull.

Overall this is another page turner. I enjoyed all of it and ploughed through fairly quickly, buying the next book in the series immediately afterwards. We're getting to know the ship, it's crew and particularly the captain more and more with each novel. An easy read, great for YA or old readers. Cheap as chips too!