O.K. You Mugs is a smart and stylish anthology of original writings on character actors—some famous, others not—who have left indelible marks on the movies and on our imaginations.
Geoffrey O'Brien on Dana Andrews, Patti Smith on Jeanne Moreau, John Updike on Doris Day, Patricia Storace on Madhur Jaffrey, Dave Hickey on Robert Mitchum, Jacqueline Carey on Margaret Dumont, Greil Marcus on J. T. Walsh, Linda Yablonsky on Thelma Ritter—these are only a few of the twenty-six pairings of writer and actor included here, each one wickedly insightful and warmly appreciative.As Luc Sante (who profiles a "rogues' gallery" that includes Leo G. Carroll, Wallace Beery, and Nick Adams) and Melissa Holbrook Pierson (whose subject is Warren Oates) write in their preface:"As they reappear in one film and then another, it is as if they are returning in our very dreams: these characters take on character."In these lively and provocative essays, we are reminded in new and revelatory ways about what made these actors live so vividly on the screen.

Wonderfully engaging, O.K. You Mugs is a singular contribution to the literature of film history and appreciation.

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