Rachael Harte has everything – wealth, hang-out time with friends at the beach, and Colten, the hot boyfriend every female drools over. But just when she receives her long-awaited debutante invitation, she’s sent to live with her aunt in Fruitville. How much more redneck could it get?

The first day, as she’s cooling off from the heat in the creek in only her underwear, she hears a soft “ahem” and looks up into the green eyes of Travis Baxter, the most handsome cowboy she’s ever seen. His smirk is bad enough. Worse, she discovers they’re neighbors.

Can Rachael and Colton survive on once-a-month visits? Or will Travis’s cowboy charms win her over? What Rachael learns as a Redneck Debutante will teach her more about love and life than she could ever have dreamed.

Redneck Debutante Trilogy:
Redneck Debutante
Cowgirl Down
Cowgirl Strong