Brandon Ryan is no foreigner to the challenges others put on him because he isn't exactly like them... Growing up with Cerebral Palsy is like climbing Mount Everest: everything is up a very steep hill. Hunger For Touch, Ryan's second book, explores the realities of how a technological world and physical challenges often place a person in a distant and disconnected reality. Ryan, delves into where this struggle has taken him and how he's navigated it. Find out how you can help tear down the walls and create a reality where everyone has the physical connectedness they need. See how physical touch and closeness brightens an otherwise "gray world" many face day-to-day. Quite possibly social media has given a false sense of connection and community to an entire generation. Perhaps this reality can hoodwink us into thinking we're inclusive of those who are "not like us" all while the virtual world utterly misses the touch and feel of real connectedness.