This volume is designed to provide an overview of Asperger s Syndrome/High Functioning Autism for professionals, parents, and others concerned about these conditions. It is part of the library series that has been created for the many people interested in the field of autism spectrum disorders who want up-to-date, authoritative infor- tion without having to locate and read through the original sources. Our goal in this series is to review, synthesize, and organize the inf- mation so that it can be presented comprehensively and clearly. This volume is the culmination of over a decade of clinical work identifying, organizing, writing, and editing the most current infor- tion available about this high functioning group of people with autism spectrum disorders from current reputable sources. The book explores the history and emphasizes the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of these people and their families. We hope that we have done justice to this extensive literature so that it can be of use to these people th- selves as well as to their many friends, colleagues, and families, and to the interested citizens who are seeking more information about this intriguing area of inquiry."