Gold Value and Gold Prices From 1971-2021 takes the reader on a journey of discovery that includes:

- Why expert opinions regarding gold prices are often not helpful - A history of gold prices since President Nixon closed the "Gold Window" in 1971 - The macro-economic variables used to empirically model the price of gold - The formula for the Gold Empirical Model that has accurately replicated the price of gold since 1971 - What the model projects for gold prices from 2014-2021 - Gold cycles, important ratios, and market bubbles - Why counter-party risk and the quantitative easing policy pursued by the Federal Reserve and most other central banks will impact the price of gold and your financial future - Why Fed policies and exponentially increasing debt will force gold prices and consumer price inflation much higher - Central bank gold sales and their impact upon gold prices You will understand why you must own gold. Then you will learn where, how, and when to both buy and sell gold.