Molly's long-term relationship with commitment-phobe journalist Max is like champagne - all froth and bubbles, while deep down she has a longing for beans on toast and yes - babies. But while Molly is thrilled to find herself pregnant, Max's instinct is to run home to the wife who doesn't understand him. Molly soon finds herself out of a job, out of a relationship and out of luck. Her only option is to sell up her trendy singleton flat, move out to the suburbs and bring up her baby solo. But, while her old single friends are convinced she's 'gone over to the other side'; her newly acquired married ones are a little wary of her single status. As a single mom dating is a nightmare. When an affair breaks out, Molly finds herself under suspicion for all the wrong reasons. Chaos reigns when she plays Cupid for another mum as her own love life descends into a freefall of confusion. Full of romance perfume, intrigue, cute babies and ruthless parenting politics set in the leafy green avenues of Kew Gardens, this fun novel is the perfect summer read for fans of Sophie King, Fiona Gibson and Linda Green. "You'll never wear perfume the same way again!" D T MCDONNELL