Updated with new theories on Diana's death and the author's royal sources exposed for the first time, this definitive biography relates the story of Princess Diana's life as she would have told it. Compiled from more than 30 meetings and conversations between the author and the princess, whom she first met when Diana was only 17 years old, this expose reveals the "real" Diana as someone simply trying to make sense of, and gain satisfaction from, a life made up of impossible extremes. Privileged yet anguished, beloved yet self-loathing, spoiled yet deprived, Diana is portrayed as a woman with both a great sense of joy and a great burden of pain, who did her best to balance her private life with the challenges of her public persona. From before Diana's marriage to Prince Charles up until her tragic death alongside her lover Dodi Fayed, this compelling biography paints a revealing portrait of the woman who captivated the world for nearly 20 years and whose image continues to resonate today.