"I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating salmon."

Kyla Greene is frustrated after a popular reality show put her pack—and all shifters—on the map. Not only are the residents of Wolf Rock getting more attention than they ever wanted; it's not the nice kind.

Enter Maddox, a half-Maori bear of a man. The quiet, extraordinarily beautiful, oddly mysterious stranger gets Kyla's juices flowing and causes a stir of his own in town.

Suddenly, things are looking up. And then down. And then up again, while disturbing incidents tear at the fabric of the shifters and of the community itself.

This 40,000+ word novel is intended for readers 18 years and over due to mature content of a sexual nature. It's the second in the Wolf Rock Shifters series after Winning the Alpha, though it reads as a stand-alone novel.