I wish I could give half stars, because I would give it 2.5 stars.Goodreads defines 2 stars as "it was okay", but it was somewhere between ok and "I liked it".Update I upgraded the stars from 2 to 3, because even though I felt it was more like 2.5, I should round up :)

The writing was improved from the last and the storyline was better.The last half of the book, the suspense and action picked up, and the ending was a good lead in for the third book.I liked the battle scenes in this one, and the twist with Taylor I thought was really good.

But I had a hard time with the fact that characters were still "trying to have a good time" in the midst of dangerous or emotional situations.Such as when everyone played pool before the mission to save Gabriel's parents.It just made me lose that emotional connection that develops in intense situations.

And I have a problem with the tense being used throughout.It is third person past, but many times it uses the past-perfect tense and that slows things down when not used well or appropriately.(for example, "she had wanted" vs. "she wanted").It's a minor thing, but tends to detract from certain situations.

I did enjoy this book more than the first. You got to see the characters develop more.Early on I wasn't sure if I was going to read the third but now I have to, because the ending left me wondering...