Seth, his brother Garret, and Sara, the woman he loves, have survived the massacre of the choosing ceremony. Having been "chosen" into different roles in servitude to the kingdom, Each of them fears the unknown. As Garret strives to become blessed by the mighty Gorandor, the god of battle, Seth struggles to become one of the gray robed mages known as guardians. As hopes are dashed, and plans fail, Seth manages to become blessed with amazing magical power. Labeled a "Death Mage" Seth swears his loyalty to King Valdadore himself. In preparation for an unwinable battle, the king presses Seth to use his powers to create a new breed of troops. Against an immense enemy, the army of Valdadore is sure to crumble without the help of Seth and his new breed of hybrid wolf troops. But even with their help will it be enough to save the people of Valdadore?