Old friends, best friends...Girlfriends. They met ten years ago, and they've been friends ever since. Zoey, Charlotte and Lydia.

Charlotte's taken the Girlfriends' challenge: Find your first love. What's he doing? How's he doing? On a business trip to Prince Edward Island — searching for antiques and folk art — Charlotte doesn't have to look very hard to find Liam Connery. But he's not what she expected. Not at all...

Instead of the pilot he wanted to be, he trains and raises dogs. He's a man living a secluded existence in a rambling country house. A man with secrets.

And yet — like Jane Eyre, with Liam playing the Mr. Rochester role — Charlotte's powerfully drawn to him. Falling in love, dreaming of marriage and babies and the promise of forever. A promise Liam may not be able to make...or to keep.