“Shana Black is a cadet at West Point, training to become a 2nd LT in the army. Shana majors in the sciences and as a research project, invents a new tool for the Army to help discover planned terrorist attacks. She wins an award for her invention, her name gets out, and through the internet, a terrorist organization learns that it is her invention that has been foiling their plans. She ends up on their hit list, and the CIA is forced to bring her in to protect her. Through some initial missions and battles trying to protect her from the terrorist organization, Shana proves her worth and ends up joining the CIA, living a double life as an agent as well as a cadet. Stories will include missions with the CIA, attacks at West Point that Shana must prevent, and the specific terrorists coming after her. To make it a little bit more relate-able she will also be juggling this with coursework, training and her friends at West Point. “
Lisa Taylor’s Bio:
“Lisa has served our country in the military,attended West Point, earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in physics, and attended graduate school. Finally, at twenty-three years old, she has found her calling, and she recently began her writing career. Her debut novel,” The Hour of Tiamat”, was released in June 2011, and she is working on a fantasy trilogy as well as a series of short stories. She now lives happily in Kentucky, working in the local library and living with her sister and two beautiful border collies.”