So like in his book you're getting a beer with Jerry Kennedy, over to the Calumet there that used to be the Hook before Bobby Quinn's wife died and he couldn't take it no more and went to Florida.Yeah the very one where the feds tried jumping one his clients that time but they so many of 'em showed up account of the guy leading got his panties in a twist the informer disappeared his client got wise and didn't show.And Jerry's starting in where he left off the last time but you missed that you were picking up your son from football maybe.Or something, you missed it anyway.So right there you got a gap to fill and Jerry's goin' good and as likely to fill your gap as the national debt go down and he's tearing on like a son of the Sod on a toot.

"So I said here's how it works you tell me what happened and I decide, what you tell me makes more sense than you did so far, then you get all the money you can and you pay me.But we do not go to trial.Under no circumstances do we go to trial because the story you're about to tell me will get you twenty at Walpole and my job is keeping you short of there.And he looks at me like I grew a third ear and says, 'But Mr. Kennedy, I'm innocent.'"

And Jerry laughs and everybody laughs and they can't stop laughing.And you laugh too knowing it's the punchline even you don't know why it's funny.

That Jerry Kennedy though, he can tell a story.You want a good feeling you heard a story, you listen to Jerry a while.