In this book there was a boy named Will Rogers. He had a horse and a cowboy lasso named Larry Ett. Will was always playing when it was time for him to do his homework. At school he always told funny jokes to the kids, and the principal didn't like it, and so she kicked him out of the school. Will's dad put him in a different school, so he wouldn't tell any more jokes or any more funny stuff or do funny things. When Will was older, he went somewhere else to live without his parents, and he was a cowboy when he was a grownup. And he became famous. One day found out that the President was going to come and watch him in one of his shows, and he had jokes about the President. He was worried that the President was not going to like it. But when he told the jokes about the President, the President laughed harder than anybody else. I liked this book because there was a boy who liked to tell funny jokes. -by Felicity