10 years of decks, thoughts and theory!
For over a decade Michael J. Flores has been using the internet to write about Magic: The Gathering. As the game has grown so has Mike's voice. Today he is one of the game's leading theorists and deck designers. He writes weekly columns for two different websites, including the official site of the game, provides color commentary for the game's webcasts.
For the first time since Mike's output is being collected into a print collection that starts in 1995 and continues through his 2005 work. All of his seminal theories and decks are included in this massive 700 page tome; from 'Investment' to 'How We All Learned to Break the Rule of Four' to 'Silver Bullets' to 'The Philosophy of Fire'.
If it appeared on the old Usenet boards, The Magic Dojo, Neutral Ground, Brainburst, or Star City Games it is all collected in "Deckade" with new commentary by Michael J. Flores and introductions by some of the top names in Magic.