Sarah's Review:
I have been following this series since Ms. Bilbrey released it and I want to thank her for the ARC copy.Book 1 info can be found here and Book 2 info can be found here.I truly enjoy the story that she is giving us with Travis. There will be one more story in this series that should wrap it all up!

In this story, witness Travis, Penelope, and Max become a family.While we started to see this in the first two books, we see them more in depth. We see how Travis adjusts to not playing professional football and being a full time father.I love that Travis wasn't afraid to show his weaknesses and his emotions, which I think make Travis even sexier.When it comes to the time that he lost with Max and Penelope because of his decision at 18 years old, I love the Penelope takes part of the blame because of her own decisions.

I love seeing Max again because he reminds me of my own child.Max loves his mom and his dad, but Max still is worried that Travis will leave.I love all of the Max scenes because Max is too smart with his own good!Max has some great one liners that made me laugh out loud.We also get to see Max begin that stage from thinking girls have cooties to seeing them as something else.

Penelope is such a sweetheart but she pulls no punches when it comes to Travis and Max.When Travis shows his emotions, she is able to help him see through those to the big picture.She is also a mom that doesn't want to see Max growing up as fast as he is.(Don't all moms though?)

It was so funny to see Russ and Nadine again and how their relationship is progressing.I hope we see more of these two!