Where Black Magic, Revenge, Love and the Supernatural Meet
Lane learned his lesson about magic when he was a kid. He’s felt the lust for the false sense of power it created in him, but he's also seen how it can destroy a life. To console the darkness within himself he found his place in the Special Forces, fighting the evils that walk this earth and taking away their power to harm the innocent. But when that world turns dark for him, too, he tries to find peace in the civilian world.

Finding Leah, a long lost love from his past, turns everything around and make him feel as though his life might be changing for the better, and that there might finally be a light in his world to outshine the darkness. Even when more evil is waiting to pull him back in, she brings a solace he never thought he could know. But that puts Leah in a new enemy’s line of fire and Lane must choose between turning back to the life that he desperately wants to escape, or be trapped in a life that could be much, much worse; a life without Leah. To survive, Lane must use everything he’s learned about the supernatural and black magic to extract revenge on those who threaten his new life and the woman he loves.

Buy this modern fantasy supernatural thriller about one man’s quest to escape the darkness that’s followed him his whole life. A supernatural thriller full of action, revenge, black magic and the power of love to overcome regret.